If you want to experience adventure in Western Canada, there’s only one place you need to go.  

As the main gateway to the Canadian Rockies, Alberta boasts the kind of terrain that beckons outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. Get ready for bragging rights.

Alberta is about the same size as Texas, three times the size of Great Britain, and equal to the combined areas of France, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. 

The province has a diversity of natural terrain—parklands, grasslands, primordial badlands, vast tracts of wildlands, boreal forests and plains, ancient glaciers, thousands of lakes and rivers, and the oldest mountain ranges of the “backbone” that runs the length of North and South America.

Its variety of natural areas and ecosystems supports hundreds of species of wildlife, many of which are endangered or protected. Coupled with the intriguing history of Aboriginal cultures and prehistoric dinosaur remains, it is easy to see why the United Nations crowned Alberta with five of Canada’s 13 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.